Once upon a time, in the heart of the lush South-Kivu region, nestled among rolling hills and whispering forests, there existed a haven called Patmos Village. It was not just a place; it was a sanctuary for the lost, the broken, and the abandoned. Here, the sun painted hope across the faces of orphaned children, and the wind carried their dreams to the heavens.

Among these children was Grace, a girl whose life had been etched with sorrow. She arrived at Patmos Village on a somber day, her heart heavy with grief. The memory of her parents, taken too soon by illness, haunted her. Their laughter, their love—now mere echoes in her fragile soul.

God’s Rescue Mission

The day ICC embraced her into its arms, Grace felt the warmth of divine love. She was no longer just an orphan; she was a cherished child of God. The children’s village, aptly named Patmos Village, became her sanctuary once more. Here, she found not only earthly care but also a deeper purpose—a calling etched in the stars.

Grace’s Journey to Patmos Village

The journey to Patmos was arduous. Grace’s tiny feet carried her across rugged terrain, her eyes wide with uncertainty. She had lost not only her parents but also her health.

Malnourished and weak, she clung to the hope that this village would be her refuge.

And refuge it was. The gates of Patmos Village swung open, revealing a world of compassion.

The caretakers welcomed her with open arms, their smiles like sunbeams piercing through the clouds. Here, she found solace in the following areas:

  1. Food— No longer did Grace go to bed hungry. Nutritious meals became her daily companions, filling her belly and nourishing her spirit. She could have three meals per day, a surprising balanced diet she had never experienced before.
  2. Housing— A modest room with a bed became her sanctuary—a place where nightmares faded and dreams took root.
  3. Education— Patmos Village believed in the power of knowledge. Grace attended the village primary school, where she learned to read, write, and dream beyond her circumstances.
  4. Clothing— Her threadbare clothes were replaced with garments stitched with care. She felt worthy, not just of fabric, but of love.
  5. Medical Care— The village doctor and nurse tended to her ailments, healing both body and soul.
  6. Spiritual Assistance—Grace discovered faith—the kind that whispered courage in the darkest nights. The choir at Patmos Village resonated with her soul. Their voices, like birds taking flight, soared toward the heavens. Grace stood among them, her heart an instrument tuned to faith. She sang not only for herself but for every orphan who had ever felt lost. Her voice carried their stories—their pain, their dreams, their silent cries.
  7. Discovery— Patmos encouraged exploration. Grace danced in the rain, climbed trees, and marveled at fireflies.
  8. House Parents— They became her surrogate parents. Their love was steady, their guidance unwavering.

Grace’s Academic Journey

As the seasons changed, so did Grace. She blossomed like a rare flower. At the village primary school, she earned her Primary School Leaving Certificate—a testament to her resilience. But Grace hungered for more. She pursued secondary education, earning a state diploma. Her eyes sparkled with ambition.

Then came the turning point. Grace stood at the crossroads of her destiny. Armed with determination, she embarked on advanced studies in Computer Sciences. The hum of servers and the dance of code became her symphony. She graduated, her diploma a beacon of triumph.

Independence and Purpose

Patmos Village celebrated Grace’s graduation. She was no longer an orphan; she was a warrior. Her sponsor, an unseen angel, had paved her path. Tears flowed as she thanked them—their generosity had woven her dreams into reality.

Now, Grace works at a therapeutic center, cradling malnourished children in her arms. Her laughter mingles with theirs, a healing melody. She is no longer the girl who arrived broken; she is a grown-up, an essential thread in the community fabric.

And so, the story of Grace continues—a testament to the transformative power of love, care, and opportunity. For every orphan, Patmos Village stands as a beacon, whispering, “You are not alone. You are loved.”