Year two of the community education program at Los Pinos is well under way. And this year’s program is having an even greater impact on the lives of the children attending.

As part of the services provided, the Los Pinos nurse works in cooperation with the local health clinic to provide primary health care. With the authorization and input of the parents, the nurse has created medical files for each student. Height and weight are monitored bi-monthly. Medical treatment and medicine are provided for the children free of charge. In this way, Los Pinos is helping to support the quality of life of the students.

Community children also participated in a school trip to the Yaxtunilá Aroyo (Stream). This was an incredible experience. For most of the children it was their first outing like this. They were so happy and excited that they did not sleep during the trip.

Once at the stream, the children were able to play in the crystal-clear waters. The trip also included a visit to the Island of Flores and Lake Petén Itzá. The day was topped off with a meal at a pizza restaurant that supports Los Pinos’ activities by offering the best prices. This was also a treat for the community children, many of whom tasted pizza for the first time.

What a blessing to provide these first ever experiences in the lives of these children. No doubt this day will remain vivid in their memories and in their hearts. Thank you for your support and for helping to provide education, health care and memorable experiences.