“There is nothing more exciting than to see a child find the keys that unlock learning for himself or herself…”

Beverly A. Zirakian
In Loving Memory of Beverly Zirakian

Beverly (June 27, 1938 – April 20, 2021) dedicated 36 years to teaching, 33 years of which were spent serving in Seventh-day Adventist Christian Schools. In those years, she served as a teacher and/or teacher/principal in schools throughout Pennsylvania and Florida. She taught in classrooms ranging from one-room schools to junior academies. One of the things she felt most rewarded with was teaching her students how to read. During her teaching career, she taught over 1,000 students, ranging from first to tenth grade. Although she retired rather early at sixty-eight, she never stopped sharing and teaching those around her. This also included being involved in her grandchildren’s education.

In lieu of flowers, please consider giving $100+ towards a child’s education. This is the average cost of one-month of education for an ICC child. Or, please consider giving $1,200, the average cost of education for a year for one child at ICC.

International Children’s Care (ICC) is a Christian Ministry, giving 24-hour care to orphaned children. Currently, ICC serves orphaned and abandoned children worldwide in 12 countries. Thank you in advance for your caring gift to the children and for furthering Beverly’s legacy.