Your church is a lifeline for children in need!

It is beautiful to think that you, as a member of God’s body, are investing in children and setting them free. If you are a member of a local church, it is also delightful to think that your local church is investing in its children.  Has your church partnered with an organization like ICC to reach out to children beyond its “Jerusalem” into the “ends of the earth?” (Acts 1:8). 

A number of churches like yours have partnered with ICC to help their members live out “true and undefiled religion,” which includes caring for orphans. Partnership is as simple as a loving donor being a connector between your church and children in need.  As someone who is investing in children, a donor can inform the pastor of ICC’s work and supply the church lobby or the church newsletter with updates about the children. This can lead the church to motivate others to support children in need.  Maybe you can have the Que Pasa newsletter posted on your church bulletin board!

Watch the story of one church, and how they are touching the lives of vulnerable children. Maybe your church can engage in this kind of ministry?

Contact ICC’s church representative, William Hurtado, at (800) 422–7729 if or email him at

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