We are preparing to send a container to the Patmos Children’s Village in The D.R. Congo.
The children will be glad and grateful for your help.

Here’s how to support the Congo container:

Donate Funds

This shipment will require financing. Container rental/purchase, trans-oceanic shipping costs, customs costs, and overland trucking expenses will require support. We are praying for donations to make this possible!

As tangible donations continue to arrive, ICC is now only able to accept gift donations that are exact items on the shipping container needs list.

You are a blessing to the children! Thanks to your generous support, contributions to the container for the D.R. Congo continue to arrive on a daily basis. But there are items that are still needed. See the list of current needs.

Please note that any donated books must be in the French language.

Check this page regularly for updates. If you have any questions, please contact the main office by calling (800) 422–7729. Thank you for blessing the children!

Please dedicate prayer time to this great need. This is a time of excitement for the children. It is also exciting for all of us to participate in this blessing for the children!

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