An Exciting Time to Share Our Blessings!

I get excited every time a shipping container leaves the ICC office filled with wonderful treasures that you have provided for “His Kids!” God has blessed us all so much, and it is thrilling to see how generously you continue to share your blessings with the children. That’s why I’m happy to announce the plan for sending a 40-foot container all the way to the Patmos Children’s Village in the DR Congo. Will you join in this adventure?

Doug Congleton

Funds Needed for the Container: $15,000

Along with the treasured items needed on the campus, this shipment will require the finances to pay for the container rental, ocean shipping costs, custom’s costs and overland trucking expenses. We are praying for the support to make this possible!

Please dedicate prayer time to this great need and see if God is calling you to help with this effort in whatever way you can. This is a time of excitement for the children, and for all of us that will take part in this amazing blessing for the children!

An Important Note on Donations

Thanks to your generous support, the D.R. Congo Shipping container is starting to fill up even more quickly than anticipated. What a blessing for the children!

That is why ICC is now only able to accept gift donations that are exact items on the needs list.