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Invite a Speaker to Share

Change the life of an orphan child by inviting an ICC ambassador to speak at your church!

Invite a representative to your church, club meeting, vespers, or event. We’re willing to send a guest speaker to make a presentation at your program. Whether it be a mission spotlight, children story, or sermon, ICC wants to meet you and share about the exciting work of orphan care.

When you invite an ambassador to your church, more people will learn about the mission of orphan care. If even one person signs up to help a child, the impact will be a blessing.

Every day, the lives of ICC children are developing like a story. Their lives are testimonies to the transformative power of a loving, christ-centered home… A home that people JUST LIKE YOU make possible. Thank you for making a difference!

Email Rick Bowes at to request a visit at your church, or fill out the form above.