Brian and Lori Manley who have recently joined the ICC staff at ICC HQ in Vancouver, WA.
Lori and Brian Manley

Brian and Lori Manley answer questions about their roles at ICC.

1. What have been your ministry experiences over the last several years that you feel have prepared you for joining the ICC family in Vancouver?

Lori’s response:

Working as a couple in ministry while living in the MENA region gave us the opportunity to combine our strengths in creativity, organization, visionary/strategic planning, and mentorship of young adults.

We brainstorm well together and were able to live our lives in full-time ministry since we shared the same goals. Transitioning as a couple to an organization that values individual strengths and passion areas as important to their participation in the ICC’s mission, has given us the opportunity to continue working closely together. 

Brian’s response:

We have been serving the church organization in a variety of ministry capacities in the Middle East and North Africa region. This allowed us to grow in our cross-cultural understanding and learning how to work with creative ministry opportunities across geographic and political boundaries. 

This seems to have helped to orient us to similar realities that exist in the various projects ICC operates around the globe. We have also been involved with young people in front line ministry and in a university context. This has grown our experience with a new generation, their worldview, their challenges and how to empower them for personal ministry.  

2. What are your current areas of responsibility?

Lori serves as Associate Director of Children’s Services: 

I work in the department of Children’s Services to coordinate training materials, family/children’s resources, health presentations, and communication between the projects and the ICC office. Synchronization of children’s progress reports/photos to share with our sponsors bi-annually as well as direct project management of the Romania and India Children’s Villages also fall under my responsibility. 

Brian serves as Executive Vice President: 

This includes supportive roles in Development and donor relations.  It also includes administrative duties in support of the CEO and other department leaders. 

3. Brian, you’ve not been as closely associated with ICC as Lori. What are some of your initial impressions since taking up your responsibilities in November?

I have been impressed with the dedication and mission focus of the ICC office team. And, more broadly, the support and faithfulness of the entire ICC family of sponsors, donors, short-term missionaries, student missionaries, project administrators, house parents and staff.

The “family” of ICC is a wonderful, interconnected entity that remains collectively engaged to serve the orphan, abandoned children in our care. This is a sacred work. I have been so moved and blessed to be drawn in as an active member of this wonderful, ICC family. 

I am learning more about the legacy of Ken and Alcyon Fleck and how the Lord used them to start the first ICC projects. It has been a privilege to see evidence of their philosophy of leadership and the childcare of vulnerable children. The ICC model that they initiated is still a wonderful model we follow organizationally.  

4. Can you share a particular story from within the ICC family that you feel demonstrates what this ministry of ICC is all about?

Lori’s response:

Ministry in ICC is all about ‘family’ connectedness. Whether it is the children/staff in the children’s villages, our co-workers in branch offices in Europe or Latin America, ICC sponsors, ICC donors, student missionaries, participants in short-term service projects, or staff in the home office, we are family.

We care about each other’s life stories. We care about how each other is doing in our journey together on this earthly path to heaven. ICC is open to allowing individuals to join the family. We are open and welcoming to newcomers.

When I first heard about the ministry of ICC, I was in school at Andrews University. Alcyon Fleck spoke at an Assembly program. Her message of self-sacrifice, joy in serving others, and the need to think globally, touched my heart.

I sought her out in the AU guest room she was staying in and asked for her advice on my academic career. She was welcoming, and generous with an affirmation to continue the path toward a master’s in social work with a focus on international development. That was in 1995.

In 2006, married, with 2 small children, God led us to Washington State, in the same area where ICC International was located. Providentially, ICC hired me to serve in the adoption department at that time. Since then, I have remained part of the ICC team… part of the family. 

Brian’s response

I often hear the leadership at ICC prayerfully seeking the will of God for the organization. This has impressed me and I am grateful for this particular focus that Rick and Sharon Fleck have faithfully followed.

ICC is all about following the will of God as He seeks to save and heal vulnerable children. ICC is also about donor members of the ICC family who call with extra funding support when God impresses them to give or when there is a special need they learn about.

ICC is also about groups of academy students who learn how to serve internationally and cross-culturally at ICC children’s villages. ICC is all about redemption, nurture, support, and fellowship. Jesus is central to all of that as our leader, mentor, friend, and Redeemer.