Casa Hogar Fuente de Vida (Fountain of Life Home) – Nicaragua

ICC first started helping children in Nicaragua in 2000, working with Felix & Angelica Almendarez. We located and purchased land and established ICC Nicaragua (ICCN) as a children’s village in 2004. Since that time, we have built four children’s homes and several other support buildings on the property.

Although many government officials have praised the ICCN project for its loving, innovative and healthy environment for the children, and even used the project as an example for others to follow, governments do change their policies as new officials come into office. At this point, we have found ourselves at an impasse with the current Nicaraguan government as far as their new policies for providing care for the children of Nicaragua. This current government has decided to remove all of the children and place them within extended biological families, or “Foster Care” type situations.

In April of 2016, our ICC Board of Trustees was made aware of potential changes, and they voted to pursue a “pause” strategy with regards to the Nicaragua Children’s Village once the government made their changes. This would give us some time to wait and see if changes take place again within the current or future policies in that country, which does happen in many cases.

Today, we find ourselves now in this “pause” mode, waiting to see what will happen with those specific government policies. We are still operating our children’s village in Nicaragua with regards to our daily farm and other cottage industry programs in order to be ready to take in children quickly if and when things change. We need to continue to support our project there, albeit at a reduced financial budget for a period of about six months. If you are a supporter of ICCN, please continue to earmark your donations “ICCN Project” so that we can keep our children’s village doors open in this “wait and see” mode to have it ready for more children if and when that day arrives.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

More information about the Fountain of Life Village is available
by contacting ICC at (800) 422-7729.

* Name has been changed to protect the child’s privacy