The Gathering Place, Episode 1. In this edition of The Gathering Place, we interview Ricardo Medina. Ricardo grew up at the El Oasis Children’s Village in Baja, Mexico. As a result of your support, Ricardo graduated from medical school in Spring 2020. He graduated as a dental surgeon. Read more about Ricardo’s Story here.

The Gathering Place is a new monthly series. It will provide additional details of stories that are featured in the Que Pasa. For example, it will include things like interviews with grown children, stories from workers at the children’s villages, and other touching updates. Doug Congleton, Executive Director for ICC Americas, hosts this series.

Click here to read the September issue of the Que Pasa.

Check back next month for episode 2!

Donate today to make a difference in the life of an orphan child! Because of you, Ricardo not only gained the love of a family, but he followed his dream to become a dentist. Your support blesses children, like Ricardo, and helps them to have a successful future. Thank you!


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