Lewis County Adventist School is planning a 2020-2021 school-wide virtual “mission trip” to Central America after being inspired by ICC’s Week of Prayer.  From 1st grade to 10th grade–plus staff–ALL are going!  

A Spirit of Service

Coronavirus cannot stop this school’s spirit of service. During the Week of Prayer on November 2-6, students collected over 15 backpacks and supplies to donate to ICC’s children in need. Students also listened to character transforming stories from William Hurtado, ICC’s Orphan-Care Advocate. These stories inspired them to have courage and be a light in the world. That’s when seventh and eight graders with their teacher, Mrs. Doylene Cook, started planning their own “mission trip” project.

A Virtual Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Principal Karen Carlton then brought the entire school on board. It was natural for the school body to say “yes” to supporting a Central American country. This is especially true as their new associate pastor, Enrique Gutierrez, is from Nicaragua. Now the entire school is getting ready to board their mission trip experience.

Though travel restrictions are real this year, Lewis Adventist School will use their good energy and resources to bless the children–even though they cannot physically travel to their country of choice. 

They plan to raise $150 every month for a total of at least $1500 for the year.

That is the average cost of a mission trip to Central America. It may seem like a lot, but for the school of around 80 people, that equates to fifty cents per student and staff per each week. Fifty cents per week is doable!

Thank you teachers and students of Lewis Adventist School for your missional spirit, and for giving to the children of International Children’s Care! The children in Central America will be truly blessed because of you.

Would your school like to join in on this mission trip, or one similar to it? Contact William at william@forhiskids.org.


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