Thanks to the support of people like you, Los Pinos children celebrated an in-person graduation within the “safety bubble” of the secluded Children’s Village.

Campus Graduation Takes Place within Safety of Village

Your ongoing support of ICC children enables the kids to live a full life… even during a world-wide pandemic. One good example of this is the children at Los Pinos in Guatemala. These children are blessed that the Los Pinos campus is located in a remote area of the country. And because of the special precautions the administration and staff have taken, the campus operates within a virtual bubble. For the most part, this has allowed Los Pinos to operate normally.

At the conclusion of the school term this past October, students who completed their primary school education (6th grade) and “Basico” (9th grade) were able to celebrate at an “in-person” graduation ceremony. The church was decorated for the special event, and the entire Los Pinos on-campus family was invited to attend and recognize the achievements of the students.

Los Pinos Graduation 2
Thanks to the remote location of the Children’s Village, as well as an on-campus school with teacher housing, students have been able to safely attend “in-person” school throughout the pandemic. Thank you for helping to make this possible! *Faces are blurred in online photo to protect the privacy of children.

Reaching Milestones… Thanks to Your Support!

Of course, this milestone in their lives would not have been possible if it weren’t for the faithful financial support of ICC family members like YOU! You help provide quality education in a protected environment. Thanks to you, these children continue to grow, develop and prepare themselves for a productive life here on earth. And most importantly they are learning about Jesus and His offer of eternal life. What a blessing you are to these children! Thank you!

Los Pinos Graduation 1
This October, sixth and ninth grade students celebrated a graduation ceremony on campus. The campus operates in a virtual bubble, keeping students and faculty safe from the global pandemic.


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