Because of the kind generosity of individuals like you, the Christmas Hope Matching Challenge is now met – and then some! One-hundred percent of the $123,500 challenge funds will be matched. In addition, kind-hearted and generous people continue to send in gifts that now nearly add up to $100,000 above the goal.

At the time of this publication, the total you helped to raise for the children is $221,107. Because of the pandemic, mail continues to be delivered more slowly than expected. As a result, there are even more donations still coming in. These gifts of love tremendously bless the children!

These funds will help to provide for the children during the uncertain months to come, as well during months when donations traditionally are lowest, such as in the Summer. Thank you for all you do to care for the children. The transformations that take place in the lives of the children are only possible because people like you step out in faith to make a difference. You provide hope to this children, during Christmas, and far into the future. THANK YOU!


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