This summer, God’s protection over the children of ICC continues to amaze! Yet, there are many close calls – and even direct hits – that we continue to pray for. The following is an update of recent events. To read part one, click this link.

Volcano Relief Efforts in the D.R. Congo

Volcano Relief after Close Calls in Goma
The support of people like you helped ICC’s older children and Prolasa staff to bless others and be blessed themselves during the recent crisis in Congo. Thank you!

Recently, we shared about the relief efforts of our ICC project in the DR Congo in the aftermath of the eruption of Mt. Nyiragongo. Several of our older ICC children in Congo live in the city of Goma and had to evacuate. Afterwards, Désiré, Patmos Children’s Village Director, recruited several of these older children to help in the relief effort. Along with these young people and PROLASA workers who live in Goma, an additional 203 families received assistance. 

According to Désiré, “life is still complicated in town thanks to the shortage of food, and the price for available food is very high.” 

Thanks to your support, our ICC family in Goma has been able to assist one another and a wider circle of individuals during this time of crisis. Thank you!

El Oasis Farm Flourishing, More Close Calls to Report

Thanks to God’s protection, and wise planning from our El Oasis farm manager, the El Oasis pepper farm was spared of catastrophe when a violent storm blew through the valley bringing with it hail and leaving in its wake a path of destruction. Since this one of several close calls, the small pepper plants have grown to maturity, and the first picking, also known as “heating up,” has taken place. 

It is so named because after the first picking of a few peppers on a pepper plant, the plant’s growth “heats up” and fruit production expands dramatically. We praise the Lord that, thus far, we’ve been able to sell the peppers for a higher price than projected. Please pray that the harvest will be bountiful and that the prices we can sell the peppers for remain high.

One other blessing from the Lord is water. This could be considered a “near miss” because we are renting adjoining land AND the water that comes with it. This is critical because our own agriculture well is becoming unstable. More and more sand is showing up in the water being pumped from the well, and it’s likely we’ll need to dig the well deeper or develop an entirely new well. 

You can imagine how this would impact the current harvest if it weren’t for the well on the adjoining property! Again, we praise the Lord for his providential care! If you’d like more information on what it would cost to improve or dig a new well, please contact our office.

COVID Near Misses, Close Calls, AND a Direct Hit

COVID at Los Pinos

In July’s Que Pasa, we shared that the India project has been spared from a COVID outbreak. Unfortunately, the Los Pinos Children’s Village in Guatemala has suffered a direct hit. It’s likely that one of the children who attends the ICAP secondary school brought it to the Los Pinos campus.

Initially our administrator, Joel Carpio, took a group of children into the closest village to be tested. In time the health department came to the campus to test everyone. Though over 40 of our Los Pinos family on campus have tested positive, we praise the Lord that as of now, few have severe symptoms. 

Please pray for our Los Pinos family during this health crisis!

God’s Protective Care Over Three New Children

We recently received exciting news from Samilin, director at Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic. She informed us that three brothers have joined the ICC family there. They are ages four, five, and seven. In the September Que Pasa, we will introduce our ICC family to these boys. 

Even in the midst of close calls, near misses, and direct hits, we continue to experience God’s providential care and generous support from ICC family members like you. Please pray for the children and participate in the matching challenge featured on the back page! Thank you!


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