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Please Continue to Support and to Pray for God’s Protective Care over “His Kids”

News headlines from around the world shout out the message: We live in a hectic and chaotic world. Three of ICC’s projects have recently experienced this vividly in different ways. Through it all, it underscores how much we trust in God’s protective care and how much the children need your continued prayers and financial support.

God’s Protective Care

D.R. Congo: Patmos Children’s Village

God's Protective Care: Relief Efforts in Goma

Recently, the Nyiragongo volcano erupted near the city of Goma, D.R. Congo, sending hundreds of thousands of residents fleeing. Lava flowing underground was visible through cracks in city streets. Many of ICC’s older children reside in Goma. As a result, Désiré, Patmos’ director, took swift action to rescue several of these older children. They are now at the Island of Idjwi.

Yet again, we see God’s providential leading in where the Patmos Children’s Village is located, there on Idjwi Island. Not only does Idjwi continue to be a refuge for ICC’s current children, it also has provided for grown children when the volcano threatened their lives.

Désiré has set up a refugee feeding center near Goma for those who have been displaced. Some of ICC’s grown children are helping with the relief efforts. There are hundreds of children from that area now separated from their parents. So, it is possible that the D.R. Congo government will ask ICC to help provide care for children without families.

India: Dews Sweet Home

The country of India received a direct-hit from COVID-19. We praise God that, even though the pandemic has raged all around Sweet Home, the children and staff are safe. Even so, the older children who were studying away from the campus had to return home to continue their studies. There are also challenges with the day-to-day operations. Trying to obtain funds from the bank is difficult. The bank is only open about two hours a day. And there may be a line of up to 200 people who are trying to enter when it is open. Please pray for the continued safety of our ICC Sweet Home family.

Mexico: El Oasis Children’s Village

God's protection over El Oasis Farm

At the end of April, a strong hail storm blew through the valley  where the El Oasis Children’s Village and pepper farm is located. This storm was so intense it put all the crops at risk. What a blessing that the peppers had been covered with micro tunnels (plastic coverings) and all the peppers were intact and fine. Other farmers in the valley did not fare as well, and their crops were ruined. As a result of this close call, we are reminded of how important it is to have the protecting care of our Heavenly Father!

You Can Help!

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” – Psalm 121:4

God is keeping our ICC family safe during these chaotic times. And just like the micro tunnels have protected the pepper plants, ICC mothers and fathers are protecting and nurturing the lives of the children, thanks to your continued support. Though you may be miles away with no possibility to visit or assist in person, please know that your prayers and financial support are making a tremendous difference in the lives of the children. They continue to need you. During these difficult summer months, please give an extra gift to help provide for “His Kids!”


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