A Special Delivery Blessing

DHL is a worldwide parcel delivery company. You may have used or received a package by way of their services.

Recently, the children of Los Pinos in Guatemala received a huge and unexpected blessing from DHL No, it wasn’t in the form of a package. It was in the form of a large donation valued at around $28,000! Here’s the story.

The Los Pinos Children’s village has a local board of trustees. One of the board members is Inver Lopez. He works for DHL.

Inver found out about a special contest that DHL established for its worldwide offices. They wanted to feature humanitarian projects in countries where they work as a way of stimulating social responsibility in each country. Inver referred Los Pinos to his employer. 

Last year, representatives from DHL visited the Los Pinos campus and created a video about the project. This video was then entered for consideration along with several other social service projects throughout Latin America.

Inver Lopez holds the check awarded to Los Pinos by DHL.

Los Pinos won the contest — and 215,000 Quetzales!

Not only were members of the Los Pinos board very excited, but also employees of DHL. They were happy that the money given by DHL would stay in Guatemala to help the children. 

Praise the Lord for this unique gift and for the opportunity to share this ministry for orphan children with a large corporation. Together we can all make a tremendous transforming difference in the lives of “His Kids!”


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