Wilders Put Fleece Before The Lord

ICC sponsors Kieth and Patti Wilder
Patti & Kieth Wilder

Have you ever wished you could find a way to help the children even more? Here’s a testimony from ICC sponsors Kieth and Patti Wilder who found a unique way to expand their capacity to help another child!

Keith and Patti Wilder have sponsored a young boy at the Patmos Children’s Village for a few years. Keith is a general contractor who owns his own construction company in Kettle Falls, Washington. He spends a lot of time on the road traveling many miles.

Keith found out about a gasoline app for his phone. The app promised savings on the cost of gas.

Later, Keith recalled that “When we first signed up for the app, we were talking about how much money we could possibly save because it’s not that much. It’s pennies, but it all adds up.

We had said, if we can save $30 a month then we could use that money to sponsor another child. We said a little prayer about it while we were driving.” Patti added, “We put that fleece before the Lord.’ And the results? In three weeks, Keith and Patti had saved $36 using the gas app!

“Okay,” they said. “It’s time to call up ICC and sponsor another child.” Keith contacted Alanna, ICC’s sponsorship supervisor. He told her that he and Patti wanted to sponsor a girl in Congo. Alanna didn’t know about this fleece the Wilders had put out. She was under the impression that they wanted to stop sponsoring the boy they already had and preferred sponsoring a girl. Keith had to explain to Alanna that they wanted to sponsor a girl in addition to their boy.

“She was very relieved,” Patti recalled. And Keith added, “You could tell [she was relieved]. She said, ‘Oh, that’s wonderful. No problem!’”

Isn’t it amazing what God can do when you lay out the fleece seeking His blessing in service to others!

This is just one example of ICC family members who are finding ways to expand their support of the children. Thank you, Keith and Patti, and everyone within the ICC family who give so generously to care for “His Kids!”