Your sponsorship will save a life and rescue a child today

Like lifeguards at the beach you can rescue a child by becoming a sponsor. This image depicts a lifeguard station at a Southern California beach.

A few days ago, I received an urgent message. There is an immediate need for sponsors for five children in the D.R. Congo. You can rescue these children.

Four boys and one girl, all suffering from an extremely painful past, desperately need our help.

The $35-a-month sponsorship rescues these deserving kids from an incredibly uncertain future. It gives them clean clothes, a place to sleep, nutritious food, loving house-parents and siblings, and a Christian education. In short, it not only saves their lives, but it also changes them.

Would you be able to commit to sponsoring one of these children today?

As I was thinking of this urgent call for help, I remembered a similar call I received a few years ago from a young girl in our church asking if my wife and I would commit to sponsoring an ICC child.

In the process of making the request, she mentioned the word “rescue” — which brought back a flood of memories about a time when I desperately needed someone to rescue me.

While on a family outing when I was about ten, I got caught in a riptide at Laguna Beach. Once I realized what was happening, I thought that a few powerful strokes would bring me back to safety. When those strokes did nothing, I panicked. It seemed like the harder I swam, the further I was being swept out to sea.

My dad and brother on the beach, although knowing the techniques of escaping a riptide which could have easily saved me, were eating, laughing, and playing catch, and they were oblivious to the fact that I was in the process of drowning.

Long story made short, when I was totally exhausted from my efforts, I gave up trying to get back to the beach. When I did that, I drifted my way out of the riptide.

As I staggered back to my family and threw myself down on the sand, I soon came to the unsettling conclusion that no one there had even realized my peril.

The need for sponsors is immediate. These children need you.

Today, we can very clearly see the peril of these four boys and one girl in the Congo. Just as there was a right technique for me to get out the riptide, so there is a right technique for rescuing these kids. That technique is “sponsorship.”

Because you can rescue a child today, will you commit to sponsoring one of these children? Please contact Alanna, our sponsorship supervisor, at (800) 422–7729. You will save the life of a child who needs your help.

In service for His Kids,

Rick Bowes

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