For the Los Pinos children

Editor’s Note: Over the next few editions of the Que Pasa, we will be sharing project updates from around the ICC family. This first feature comes from Joel Carpio, Project Director of Los Pions Children’s Village in Guatemala where in December there were 39 children receiving care.

We are about to finish 2022. For 43 years the Lord has led the social-humanitarian-spiritual work that Hogar Los Pinos does in favor of needy children in our country.  It also has been a source of employment for many Adventists who have used their gifts to be a blessing to the children sheltered.

During all the years of work, and particularly this year, God has supplied each of our needs. We know that the main work of Los Pinos is spiritual, teaching children that there is a creator God, and a Christ who offers us salvation.

This year we graduated two young ladies from the university, joining pastors, administrators, nurses, educators, lawyers, and engineers, who through the years have received support.

From ICAP [secondary and vocational training school] we graduated 4 girls in education and accounting and 8 graduated from the elementary level [9th grade].

The children carry out social and spiritual work in the nearby communities, and our Pathfinders are in the top five clubs in Guatemala.

Children enjoy the comprehensive activities on our campus: sports, educational, recreational, and spiritual. Also, they enjoy swimming in the river of this property, as well as trips to nearby tourist places, combining these trips with educational aspects.