Written by Rick Bowes

Please take a few moments to look at these two heartwarming photos of an ICC teacher greeting her student at the beginning of the school day.

At first glance one might be tempted to just say, “That’s nice”. And of course, it is nice, but in reality it’s more than nice, because for that student, that simple greeting could be life-changing.

Many of the children who come to us, having suffered through the loss of parents, siblings, and other family members, are in desperate need of human touch. The sad story that has been repeated many times is that they have been set adrift in life. They have been passed around, neglected, and abused. 

Knowing this, ICC’s teachers, house-parents, and other staff members, are in the habit of giving out warm hugs morning, noon, and night. To our kids the hugs mean they are accepted. The hugs mean that they are safe. The hugs mean that they belong. So it is that the hugs are truly life-changing.

I’m writing to you today to say clearly that your donations are making those life changing hugs possible.

Thank you for all you are doing for HIS kids!


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