Instituto de Capacitación Adventista del Petén (ICAP) – Guatemala

ICAP is a secondary school with vocational options for its students. The school was originally developed and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Mission in Guatemala. In 1991, ICC agreed to assume the management of the school. ICC has continued to operate the school in the manner in which its founders had intended.

The Los Pinos Children’s Village is located on adjoining land. One of ICC’s primary interests for managing the school is to ensure that it is available to provide for the educational needs of the children from Los Pinos. However, the scope of the school’s services is broad, and students are welcomed from many difference parts of Guatemala.

ICAP is primarily a boarding school, and there are dormitories for both boys and girls. In recent years, enrollment has been around 400 students.

ICAP offers a variety of classes for students. First of all, it offers what in the United States would be called, Jr. High School education. This corresponds to grades 7-9 and is called Básico. Students in what would be 10th-12th grades in the US are offered classes in Bookkeeping, Education, Music, Computers, Auto Mechanics, Agronomy and Biology. When they graduate, they receive a high school diploma plus a professional certification in the area of specialty that they studied.

More information about ICAP is available by contacting ICC at (800) 422-7729.