Rosalina lives at Las Palmas Children’s Village, where she enjoys leading out and participating in the youth programs at church. At one such program, Rosalina shared a message of gratitude. The following is a bit about Rosalina, and her message.

When Rosalina’s mother died, she was taken to live with her oldest brother. Eventually, her father died as well. It was about that time that Rosalina learned about Jesus from a neighbor. Even though she had been orphaned, Rosalina stayed faithful to what she was taught about Jesus. 

This created problems in the home of her brother who would not tolerate her beliefs. Eventually, Rosalina was brought to the Las Palmas Children’s Village in the Dominican Republic where, thanks to your support, she has found a home where she can thrive.

According to Samilin, Las Palmas director, Rosalina “is very grateful for having the opportunity to come to [Las Palmas]. She is a Christian girl. Every time she has the opportunity to express her gratefulness, she does it in church publicly.” 

Rosalina enjoys leading out and participating in the Las Palmas Youth programs at church. This picture is taken after one such meeting. The following day, she expressed her gratitude during a special service of thanksgiving. Thank you for your support of children like Rosalina. They are grateful for what you do for them! (Face blurred for privacy.)

The following is an excerpt from a testimony she gave at a recent thankfulness Sabbath. In this message, she is speaking on behalf of all the children.

Rosalina’s Message:

In the name of all the children of Hogar Campestre Adventista Las Palmas, we want to give thanks to each one of those who work together so that this Home can be a reality… We want to especially give thanks to each of the directors of this place – this children’s village… And also, especially to ICC, because it is a program that helps children with needs.

Thanks very much also to each of our sponsors – we want to thank them.

And, above all else, we want to thank God because He has been very, very good with each one of us, and we do not have words with which to thank Him.

During this year which has been one of big difficulties with this pandemic, each of us here has the great privilege that we can be here – to go to the church – that we can go to the school and all of that – and we can have recreation. 

There are many children around the world who cannot do this…. And God has given us this luck – this opportunity – to do all this. So, thank you so much to each of these persons. The Lord will repay you with eternal life.